Operating Safely

Safety is the number one priority in everything we do.

Renaissance Group is committed to mitigating risks at our sites to protect all our stakeholders, ensuring a safe environment that promotes stakeholder wellbeing.

Accident prevention starts with understanding our risks. Our risk management approach is twofold: to mitigate the hazards associated with the industry and to reduce occupational risks associated with specific jobs. At Renaissance, our HAACP framework helps us identify these risks and at Topaz, the OHSAS 18001 standard ensures comprehensive risk identification, especially important at remote sites in hostile environments.

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We comply with all local safety regulations and industry requirements. Renaissance complies fully with the Oman Society for Petroleum Industries (OPAL) HSE management system requirements and Topaz complies with the International Safety Management (ICM) Code. Our safety systems have ensured that we have had no occurrences of non-compliance this year with regulatory or voluntary compliance at Renaissance.

Safety performance

We are pleased to report no work or non-work related fatalities this year. At Renaissance, our safety system has helped us to reduce our Lost Time Injury(LTI) by 75%, with only one occurring this year at our Royal Guard of Oman site.

We remain steadfast in improving our proactive safety measures reduce risk of other, less severe injuries and continue our safety raisers campaigns (see case studies) to increase awareness.

At Topaz this year, 5 LITs occurred, an increase from one last year, and we have implemented a number of initiatives to improve our performance and protect our employees. Initiatives include a self-verification programme, on-board workshops and training and deploying a team of operational assurance officers (OAOs) to provide face-to-face coaching and to communicate vessel standards to corporate QHSSE.

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Training, awareness and reporting our key to improving our safety performance. Our training programmes ensure that all our staff are qualified to complete their work safely and details can be found in "Delivering locally". At Topaz, we monitor the effectiveness of our polices and campaigns through our annual Safety Culture survey. Our focus for improvement this year has been to involve top management more in onboard safety discussions; emphasizing a "No blame culture" to encourage proactive reporting, and recognizing exemplary safety champions.

Case study: Renaissance Safety Raisers

Our teams have to be super-vigilant when it comes to safety. We train everybody in our organization on the latest and most rigorous international standards on the management of risk. But we also try

and place a routine awareness of safety at the heart of peoples' daily lives.

Every day in a Renaissance begins with a Toolbox Talk, where managers discuss the issues of the day.

Our Health and Safety teams regularly provide Safety Raiser notices for discussion at these morning talks that go into detail on a particular topic – this could be in reaction to a recent change in risk levels, or an LTI that has yielded lessons we think should be shared.

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Case study: Topaz Mobile Application


In 2015, Topaz launched a free-to-use mobile application, available to every employee, that allows the submission of Safety Observations directly from the front line to the Corporate QHSSE team.

Use of the mobile app greatly speeds up the receipt and analysis of Safety Observations, allowing the QHSSE team to identify trends, implement corrective actions and promote positive HSE performance.

Additionally, through the use of the app, Topaz has reduced the number of hard copy cards that are printed, shipped, collected and ultimately disposed of each year, thereby reducing our environmental footprint in a number of areas.

To enhance these environmental benefits, Topaz has formed a strategic partnership with Trees for the Future, a charity organisation that plants sustainable forestry in support of developing rural communities across the globe. For every Observation submitted via the app, Topaz is committed to planting one tree through Trees for the Future's program, helping them and us to positively change lives in many of the countries where we operate.


Ensuring employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is important to achieve success. We invest in our employee wellbeing in different ways: we provide clean and comfortable accommodation and varied meal options to Renaissance non-management level staff, Topaz seafarers and our contractors. In addition to regulatory medical checkups, Renaissance provides "fitness to work" checks when employees return from a long period of leave of absence. Topaz provides mandatory vaccinations for seafarers if they visit specific risk countries, such as yellow fever in West Africa. Topaz and Renaissance employees on shore and offshore are also provided access to recreational facilities to encourage a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress.

Continuous improvement

The effectiveness of our safety management systems are reviewed monthly – via the operational and functional meetings at Renaissance and during HSE committee meetings at Topaz. At Renaissance, our CEO and top management conducts a bi-annual review meeting, where safety results are analyzed and points for improvement later shared with the sites. Topaz's regional safety committee reviews monthly safety statistics from all sites twice a year. To increase transparency and engagement, all employees are invited to Topaz safety committee meetings, with a minimum of one peer-nominated safety representative to be present from each department.

We validate our performance through internal and external audits throughout the year, in an effort to continuously improve our standards. This year, Renaissance completed 23 internal audits and 50 external audits. Topaz conducted one internal audit per shore location and two audits per vessel.

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