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Robust Nine Month Results Renaissance Services

The geographical diversity of its business, strength of its assets and liquidity has helped Renaissance Services post impressive numbers for the first nine months of 2008

Renaissance Services has posted impressive numbers for the first nine-months of 2008. The company’s focus on delivering consistent and sustainable growth through its existing operations has resulted in a strong performance for the nine months under review. In comparison with the same period last year, net profit without capital gain has increased by 57 per cent. Operating margins at 15.6 per cent are up on last year’s
Margins of 14.3 per cent in spite of severe inflationary pressure on costs, in particular affecting employment and living costs across all businesses and food consumable costs in the contract services business. The better margins, growth in operations and capital gains resulted in higher earnings per share (EPS) which is up by 91.5 per cent compared to the same period last year.

The net profit of RO22.4mn (US$58.2mn) includes a capital gain of RO4.8mn (US$12.48mn) arising from the divestment of the group’s technology businesses as announced in the first quarter (Q1). EBITDA of RO46.5mn (US$120.8mn) also includes RO6mn (US$15.6mn) from this divestment.


Uncertain times
Samir J Fancy, Chairman, Renaissance Services says in his report accompanying the nine-month results of 2008, “This statement is issued at a time of crisis and uncertainty in world financial markets. Yet against this background, the fundamentals of the Renaissance business model remain sure and sound. We are alert to the challenges of an unstable global economy ahead likely to feature high interest rates, lower oil prices and a stronger US dollar. We are calmly confident that we have the liquidity and appropriate business mix to remain resilient and growth oriented in a more difficult and less predictable business environment.”

The company has reiterated that it has no exposure to subprime or any form of toxic debt instruments and that there are no extraordinary write downs or a requirement thereof, in any part of its business. The company has strong and dependable cash flows to support all its obligations. Renaissance has carefully spread its current debt structure across a wide-range of diversified funding sources over the long term, comprising of a mix of more than seven local Omani banks and more than 12 international banks. Its working capital facilities too have a similar spread. Says Fancy, “Renaissance remains strictly and comfortably within the leverage ratios and covenants given to all financial institutions for all borrowings. All our long term projects are financed by secure long term debt at attractive rates.” The company has invested RO102 million (US$266mn) in capital projects so far this year and has secured appropriate long term funding sources to support this.

Renaissance will seek additional funds of RO67 million (US$175mn) in 2009 to support its recently announced new long-term contracts with oil and gas producers – building, owning and operating permanent accommodation for contractors for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) in Oman and three new vessels for BP in Azerbaijan. The company is aware that the cost of debt will be higher, but it has the equity in-place and flexibility to start projects at this moment of turbulence. Renaissance is discussing financial arrangements, with a variety of potential lenders, who have shown a keen interest in backing its projects.

Innate strengths
A combination of blue-chip clients, modern asset integrity and long term contracts is at the heart of the stability and security of the Renaissance business model. It deploys a stringent credit policy. Beyond that the counter party risk on the customer side in terms of contract integrity and timely payments is also very limited, with the group’s top customers constituting more than 70 per cent of the company’s turnover. The international reputation and strong financial standing of its blue chip customer base is clear to see : in the private sector it has Agip KCO, Bechtel, BHP Billington, KBR, Maersk Contractors, Oman LNG, PDO, Port of Salalah, SBM, Serco, Saipem and Shell and in the public sector, the Government of the Sultanate of Oman.

Renaissance has current shareholders funds in excess of RO135.1mn (US$351mn). Says Fancy, “While we don’t provide earnings forecast that may prove misleading the company has clear visibility of more than 65 per cent of its forecast earnings for 2009 already secured; and the forecast EBITDA for 2009 is more than double our financial repayment commitments.”

The price of oil has been a concern area worldwide and proved to be notoriously difficult to predict. As oil falls to US$70 per barrel, most analysts point to a likely level of US$50 and do not rule out a rise or further fall. The question that arises is – given Renaissance’s focus of more than 70 per cent of its business providing services to the oil and gas industry – how long may the oil price fall without impacting the company negatively? The fact is the Renaissance business model is resilient to both high and low oil price. Renaissance’s principal business in offshore support vessel marine logistics, facilities management and life support services are focused primarily on operations and production rather than exploration; and these business services have proved remarkably resilient to the traditional cycle of boom and bust in oil price. Even the engineering businesses have sustained capacity well during low oil price periods with an emphasis moving from fabrication to maintenance.

The contracts that Renaissance operates and the assets that it deploys for those contracts are based on decisions taken by the oil and gas producers for their long term requirements and are not affected by short term fluctuations in oil price. The oilfields where Reniassance operates were planned and were feasible when oil price was at US$30 per barrel or even less. In addition the long term pressure on oil price of demand/supply ratio will not go away.

The strengthening US dollar is proving to be beneficial for the company. The US dollar is the currency of the oil and gas industry and Renaissance’s home market, Oman and other key Middle Eastern markets in which it serves have currencies pegged to the US dollar. The strengthening US dollar will help reduce the inflationary pressures on imports that have caused the company considerable cost burden over the past year. Coupled with the general economic downturn the company is witnessing some relaxation in material and asset costs in both the construction industry and shipyards around the world.

CSR activities
Renaissance’s commitment to support communities in which it serves continues in all its operational markets. For example, in the third quarter of 2008 it announced plans to provide support of RO250,000 (US$650,000) over three years to the Association of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs in Oman. This financial support is specifically targeted towards a diploma programme in special education for 45 Omani teachers for children and will comprise of grants of RO80,000 (US$208,000) in October 2008, RO85,000 (US$221,000) in 2009 and RO85,000 (US$221,000) in 2010. Renaissance would like to highlight the outstanding work being done by this association and would like others to come forward and support them in whatever way they can for the teacher training programme and other important activities.

The breath and diversity of its business, geographical spread, the strength of its assets, health of its liquidity and the quality its people at every level of the organisation gives Renaissance the confidence that it is well placed to confront and to absorb the challenges ahead, while remaining alert to the opportunities that arise.





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